Antonio Gomes, HCI Haredware Researcher at THALMIC


Elena L. Glassman, Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Berkeley, Usable Programming Group
Abe Davis, Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford University, Computer Graphics Group


Juho Kim, Assistant Professor at KAIST, Usable Programming Group
YiChang Shih, Researcher at Light, Computer Graphics Group


Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, Computer Graphics Group


Alec Rivers, Co-founder at Shaper, Computer Graphics Group


Max Goldman, Lecturer at MIT CSAIL, Usable Programming Group
Michael Bernstein, Assistant Professor at Stanford University, Usable Programming Group
Chen-Hsiang (Jones) Yu, Assistant Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Usable Programming Group
Tsung-Hsiang (Sean) Chang, Software Engineer at Dropbox, Usable Programming Group
Adam Marcus, Co-founder & CTO at B12, Usable Programming Group


Max Van Kleek, Associate Professor at University of Oxford, Usable Programming Group
Emily Whiting, Assistant Professor at Boston University, Computer Graphics Group
Tilke Judd, Product Manager at Google Zurich, Computer Graphics Group
Sangmok Han, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Viv Labs, Usable Programming Group
Jiawen “Kevin” Chen, Senior Software Engineer at Google, Computer Graphics Group


Daniel Vlasic, Senior Software Engineer at Google, Computer Graphics Group
Robert Y. Wang, Research Scientist at Oculus, Computer Graphics Group
Marco J da Silva, Robotics Engineer at Boston Dynamics, Computer Graphics Group


Sonya Cates, Assistant Professor at Roger Williams University, Design Rationale Group
Sara Su, Product Manager at Facebook, Computer Graphics Group
Aaron Adler, Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies, Design Rationale Group
Soonmin Bae, SW Development Team Leader at Hanwha Techwin, Computer Graphics Group


Jacob Eisenstein, Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech, Design Rationale Group
Vineet Sinha, Head Of Strategic Innovation at Salesforce, Usable Programming
Will Arora, Senior Manager at Amazon, Design Rationale Group
Eugene Hsu, Senior Director at Cimpress, Computer Graphics Group


Tracy Anne Hammond, Professor at Texas A&M University, Design Rationale Group
David Huynh, Senior Software Engineer at Google, Usable Programming Group
Mike Oltmans, Software Engineer at Google, Design Rationale Group


T. Metin Sezgin, Associate Professor at Koç University, Design Rationale Group
Min Wu, Front-End Developer & UI Designer at Cloud Lending Solutions, Usable Programming Group
Addy Ngan, Staff Software Engineer at Google, Computer Graphics Group


Simson Garfinkel, Chief of the Center for Disclosure Avoidance Research at the U.S. Census Bureau, Usable Programming Group
Robert W. Sumner, Associate Director at Disney Research Zurich, Computer Graphics Group


Christine Alvarado, Associate Professor at UC San Diego, Design Rationale Group


Mark Foltz, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, Design Rationale Group


Kavita Bala, Professor at Cornell University, Computer Graphics Group